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Agri-Eco Systems Engineering

Improving agricultural productivity  Regenerating natural systems

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Natural Systems Engineering

Natural systems engineering enabling:

- optimised land use

- improved market access, and

- reciprocal landscape and community regeneration

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Regenerative Trophic Cascades


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein

Trophic Cascade - Reciprocal changes in an ecosystem triggered by the addition or removal of top predators, which often results in dramatic changes in ecosystem structure and nutrient cycling.

Regenerative Trophic Cascade    - reciprocal changes in society and ecosystems triggered by human intervention, which often result in dramatic regenerative changes in ecosystem health, industries and communities.

Regenerative Trophic Cascades   underpin optimal productivity, nutrient density in food, soil health, nutrient cycling, resilience to drought, and resistance to disease.



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Chicke and Egg

Regenerative Cascades

Ground zero

18 months

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Measurement, Analysis and Technology

Measurement, planning, observation and analysis underpins successful land management.

- Verification of activities and outcomes

- Techniques proven over 4 million Ha

- Reliable information

- Repeatable systems

- Accurate analysis

Harnessing opportunities to optimise management.

Leading practices, logic and common sense.

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A logical approach to land management that facilitates improvement in Natural Capital and land performance.



- increases productivity

- optimises rainfall efficiency

- creates drought and climate resilience

- stimulates enhanced eco-agricultural systems

- balances and stimulates biological activity

- addresses constraints and opportunities

- optimises vegetation at scale

- stimulates mineral cycling

- tada!!


Harnessing local resources, well proven knowledge, established market forces, leading practices and common sense, and avoiding recognised pitfalls.

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Natural Capital

Management practices cause Natural Capital to decrease or increase over time.

Natural Capital includes:

- Soil

- Biodiversity

- Pasture and vegetation

- Water quality and quantity

- Temperature regulation and landscape resilience

Optimising Natural Capital improves land performance and creates opportunities for additional revenue streams.

Natural Capital underpins the economic performance of the land.


Natural Capital is an asset class.

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Soil Quorum

Soil Quorum is critical for food or fodder with nutrient integrity and nutrient density. 

Quorum is achieved through balancing, stimulating and optimising soils, vegetation and associated systems, and is an underpinning component of initiating Regenerative Trophic Cascades    .

Good soil quorum has:

- high biological activity

- high mycorrhizal fungi colonisation

- good nutrient cycling

- high carbon sequestration

- maximised water holding capacity

- longevity of green growth

- significant rooting depth

- low soil compaction

- high soil aggregation.


Poor soil quorum leads to water shedding, poor rooting depth, poor nutrient cycling, low resistance to disease, low carbon.


No quorum, soil near total collapse

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Good quorum

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